7 ways to get your instagram followers up by 7x in 7 days

#1 good graphics Instagram users are finicky about pictures. They are your typical voyeur who loves beautiful eye candy.
#2 Use hashtag

When you upload your graphics on Instagram, use hashtag,

e.g. #hashtag. “#” = hash & whatever that follows is called tag.

Instagram uses hashtags for their search engine.

#3 Kaypoh on trending Instagrams Kaypoh is a Singaporean slang for being a busybody. Seek out trending instagrams and comment on them. Trending means that it’s hot at the moment. The old school term for trending is popular.
 #4 Tell a story You can write a short story about 21 – 30 words (15o characters).  A picture is worth a thousand word but the words start the story.
 #5 Use hyperlink  Put a hyperlink in your story to link back to your own webpage.  If you got a long ass hyperlink, use short links. See bit.ly
 #6 Continually improve  Learn and improve. As you do #3, you will get a taste of how instagrams become hot. Identify the elements and adapt them into your next post.
#7 Take ownership Never believe in those SEO experts. Believe me, most of them know shit and just want your $$$. You own your marketing and if you don’t have time, then make time. Throwing $$$ on a problem doesn’t solve it.


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