ICO = Idiots Counting Onions?

If you not heard of ICO, then you’re probably been sleeping. ICO is a new form of funding, Initial Coin Offering fashioned after the bitcoin. Forbes claimed that ICO has amassed about $440 million over two years, mostly for developers of early-stage projects. ICO uses cryptocurrencies in a form of tokens where buyers get something a form of equity in the network. Coinlist the pioneer of ICO is touted as the¬†Financial services for the next generation of technology companies is founded by¬†Juan Benet of Protocol Labs and Naval Ravikant of AngelList.

Coinlist claims to have raised 850 Million,


Yet in the same breath it seems to be only 205M. So which is it?

Whilst the website claims to be a well tested battle axe. The disclaimer is not too far away.

The claim The disclaimer

And for those who got invited to open an account, would you park your money with idiots anonymous?

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