The Zen of Spam

Most articles are written on catching spam. Here I am the coach for would be spammers. An email is a spam if it invokes the worst human reaction from the reader. So why do so many email just irks us. There’s nothing sexy about a beggar wanting to redo your website, Neither is an email with a penis or vagina popping up. Not when you’re having your first cup of drink in the morning unless you’re practicing water spouting from your nose.

Examples of badly crafted EDM are aplenty. Here are some for your amusement: and For amatuer marketeers engaged in EDM, one should just take a leaf out from high fashion industry, the movie makers and definitely those snooty diamond purveyors. 007 is super appealing. Who would want to gawk at sexy bods, big guns and sleek toys that make geeks drool.

Can a dry proposition like “can I redo your website” be sexy? You bet. Do one, post it on twitter, fb or snapchat. Built ’em and they will come. Here was ours….



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